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“We were very impressed by BCCK’s abilities to quickly understand our solution and set up a project plan for the research. More importantly, with very little time at their disposal, they were able to obtain access to some of the largest organisations and set up meetings with key decision makers.”


The BCCK takes part in the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNI) launched by the British Government in 2012, a new partnership between the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to create an international UK business network offering more export support to UK companies in high growth markets.

The Overseas Business Network Initiative aims to increase the range of practical, business-to-business support on the ground where businesses need support the most, starting in a number of high growth and emerging markets, including Korea. These services are provided within four areas of core support:

  1. Local Partner Searches – identifying and validating new partners in the market
  2. Lead Generation – identifying and validating potential buyers of a product or service
  3. Local Entity Setup – setting up new legal entities in the market
  4. Market Visit Support – providing comprehensive assistance for in-market meetings
  5. Market Reports – understanding market trends and competitors, and identifying go-to-market strategies
  6. Due Diligence – understanding the capabilities of new and existing partners in the market
  7. Translation Service – providing professional translations of marketing material to facilitate entry into the market
  8. Trade Mission Support – providing comprehensive assistance to organise and execute a trade mission in Korea

Detailed information about the services we offer are available below. If you have any questions or would like to submit a market entry service enquiry, please email us at

Local Partner Search

The BCCK can provide UK companies with customized initiatives to identify new business partners in Korea  and help manage those relationships during the initial stages.

Lead Generation

The BCCK provides lead generation services to companies looking to identify and approach qualified prospects with a view to selling a product or service.

Local Entity Setup

The BCCK can assist UK companies in setting up a new legal entity in Korea, including liaison, sales and representative offices.

Market Reports

The BCCK can provide UK companies with bespoke market research initiatives that analyze the state of the market and identify key trends, prospects, and potential business partners.

Due Diligence

The BCCK can help UK companies gain an enhanced perspective on potential or current business partners in Korea.

Translation Service

The BCCK provides bespoke translation services to UK companies that require professional translations of marketing documents required to enter the Korean market.


To qualify for the BCCK’s business services, a business must:


* Have an active UK trading address
* Be able to demonstrate that any support they receive from BCCK would help them deliver economic benefit to the UK through this trading address
* This includes both UK-based businesses investing, or looking to invest overseas and foreign-owned businesses based in the UK. Not-for-profit organisations and charities also qualify
* The British Chamber of Commerce in Korea retains discretion on who can access its services

Eligible but not yet ready to export:


If the BCCK deems the company eligible for the services described but not in a position to best benefit from the services, the company will be directed to the Department for International Trade (DIT) in Seoul that will assist the company with a range of services to help them to become export ready. Following this, they will be offered the services in Korea delivered through the BCCK.

For more information:


For more information or to request a consultation, please contact our Business Services Team at The team will assess your aims and objectives and provide you with a tailored programme of support.

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