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South Korea’s major conglomerates are constantly looking to improve their competitive edge in the country’s small and saturated domestic market. Korean consumers demand new and innovative products, and particularly appreciate “foreign” designs. On a global scale, Korean exporters must provide high-quality goods and services to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. There is an increasing demand for creative designs in electronics, F&B, medical devices, and other consumer goods.

Impact of the EU-Korea FTA

Implemented in July 2011, the EU-Korea FTA will lead to the removal of 97% of all tariffs for UK exporters. The FTA contains provisions on services, public procurement, intellectual property (IP) and sustainable development as well as the liberalization of goods tariffs. The FTA has ushered in enhanced protection for IP rights and improved copyright regulations.

Potential Opportunities

  • UK design firms have a high profile in South Korea and local companies appreciate the strong creativity they offer. Korean companies already have well-established relationships with Seymourpowell, Tangerine, and Kinneir Dufort

  • UK companies provide services like product packaging and brand identity to corporate visibility and design research to companies as diverse as Shinsegae, CJ, Amore Pacific, Samsung and LG

  • Public design, in particular, provides significant opportunities for UK companies. The city of Seoul has shown a strong drive to redesign the city since it was designated as 2010 World Design Capital by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)

Case Study: Leading Product Development Consulting Services Provider

The Brief

A leading UK-based product development engineering and technology consulting firm commissioned the BCCK to understand the personal care and beverage industry of South Korea and identify key companies and stakeholders in both industries.

The Approach

The BCCK identified 18 potential partners and stakeholders and arranged high-level meetings with key decision makers at those organizations. Following the meetings, the BCCK provided comprehensive meeting notes from the meetings outlining key discussion points, next steps, and recommendations. The BCCK provided profiles and contact details of all representatives met during the initiative along with recommendations for a go-to-market strategy.

The Outcome

Through this Partner Search Initiative, the BCCK offered the company a quick and economical way to achieve direct access to decision-makers at key players in both industries. By the end of the initiative, the company was in a position to move forward with a solid go-to- market strategy.

Sector Specialist

Inwha Lee

Coordinator, Trade Services

Inwha Lee is a Coordinator in the BCCK’s Trade Services team. Inwha holds two bachelor’s degrees from Korea University in international studies and political science/international relations. Prior to joining the Chamber, Inwha worked at the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) assisting Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects and was also part of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea. While at the BCCK, Inwha has worked with companies in a wide range of sectors from F&B to the creative industries. Her past clients in the industrial design & branding space include Cambridge Consultants, Sherlock Studio, David Collins Studio and FITCH.  LinkedIn



“We have found the BCCK to be a professional, proactive and positive organisation to work with to introduce us to the Korean market. They were quick to understand our business and thorough in finding relevant customers. What was most impressive was their support on the ground in meetings with these customers.”

– Edward Brunner, Head of Global Food and Beverage Business / Head of Asia Consumer Business, Cambridge Consultants

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