What the BCCK Logo Represents

The BCCK logo symbolizes the unique role which the organization plays in UK-Korea relations. The logo consists of five crescent lines, each of which has its own distinct meaning.

The logo represents features of both the Korean and British flag. The circular shape is akin to the central circle featured in the Korean ‘Taeguki’ flag and the colours of red and blue are those of the Union Jack.

The blue crescents on the outside of the circle represent both Korea and UK business, both of which interlock to form the circular shape.

The three smaller crescents within the larger two represent the three areas that the BCCK contributes to synergise UK-Korea relations, through the promotion of trade, the forming of a platform to encourage networking, and the conducting of advocacy services. The three crescents complete the circle shape.

The circular nature of the logo thus reflects our belief in the interconnectedness of the two countries and the synergetic values which both nations have.

The BCCK Wordmark

The BCCK wordmark has been specially created to reflect the dynamic, professional and experienced nature of the Chamber.

When referring to us in text, the full name is the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea. The accepted short form of our organization is the BCCK.

Guidelines for Logo Usage

1. The logo may only be used in materials, online and in print form, after receiving prior permission from the BCCK;

2. The logo may not be altered in any way, combined with other marks, or used in a misleading manner;

3. Never recreate the logo; please request the logo from us directly;

4. If you are a member of the media and have a specific request regarding a logo, please contact us at marketing@bcck.or.kr.

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