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“We received excellent support from the BCCK on our recent trip to Seoul, which enabled us to work efficiently and maximise our available time”


The BCCK’s Market Visit Support provides companies with comprehensive assistance for meetings with potential partners, customers or stakeholders in Korea. Our support is provided throughout all stages of your visit – before travelling to the market, during the visit and after you have left the country. Organising the logistical and technical aspects of the visit, enables our clients to focus on the meetings arranged. As well as interpretation services, the BCCK team also adds value by providing insight and local knowledge throughout the support, to help each client make informed business decisions.



Prior to your visit to the Korean market, the BCCK team contacts all the Korean companies and draws up a visit schedule, which includes practical details of meeting venues, dates, times and attendees. Furthermore, we can also help to arrange transportation within the market and discounted hotel rates if needed. The team then provides briefing notes, which include key information about each meeting: a brief company introduction; significant information ascertained during the organising of the meeting; areas of concern to be noted; as well as an agenda and objectives. Where relevant, the BCCK team can also arrange and support a market research tour that, for example involves visiting major retail areas or business districts.


During the visit, a BCCK staff member will be assigned to accompany you. The assigned staff member will take care of all the logistical aspects of meetings and attend meetings together with you to provide interpretation and translation services, if needed. A senior member of the BCCK management team will also meet with you for a debriefing session at the end of the visit to discuss the outcomes of the meetings as well as possible next steps.


Within 72 hours of completing the visit, the BCCK will generate a series of meeting memorandum or report summarising discussions held and actions agreed during each meeting. Each includes key takeaways and our strategy recommendation going forward. The BCCK also helps you to follow up with any actions agreed during meetings for a certain period of time, ensuring a smooth transition from our supported activity to your direct contact with the Korean companies.


“We received excellent support from the BCCK on our recent trip to Seoul, which enabled us to work efficiently and maximise our available time. We came away from the trip with a clear understanding of the Korean market, the opportunity and next steps.”

– Hugh Wahla, CEO, The Conran Shop

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