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“We were very impressed by the BCCK’s abilities to quickly understand our solution and set up a project plan.”


The BCCK’s Partner Search initiatives provide companies with a transparent and economical way to quickly identify potential customers and partners in the Korean market. The BCCK’s staff of experienced business consultants can help lead companies to long-term and sustainable business relationships in Korea. At the end of an initiative, a company will have a strong go-to-market strategy for its products and/or services.



The BCCK team holds a ‘kick-off’ call with you in order to understand your company, brand, service and/or product and outline the characteristics of the profile of partner you wish to find. Following the call, the BCCK identify relevant potential partners in the market and/or stakeholders and provides a long list of companies which the Chamber will contact during the initiative.

Each company’s key characteristics and the reasoning behind their placement on the long list is explained by the Chamber.


The BCCK team prepares relevant collateral to be sent to each company. The profile, strategy, size and make-up of each company is considered and the information sent to them tailored in a way to emphasize the most attractive features of the client’s service/product and possible areas of collaboration and opportunity explained in order for the potential partner to understand the value proposition on offer. The BCCK then approaches companies on the long list and makes contact with relevant decision makers in each company with a view to arranging face-to-face meetings.


The BCCK team arranges face-to-face meetings with companies that expressed an interest in meeting and liaising with you to recommend hotels, forms of transport and the other logistical needs. The BCCK can also provide in-person visit support for your company during a visit to Korea, including interpretation during meetings. Upon completion of the visit, the BCCK and your company hold a meeting or call to surmise the visit and agree on next steps. We recommend that companies conduct a market visit to meet with interested companies to both secure and develop business relationships.


“We were very impressed by the BCCK’s abilities to quickly understand our solution and set up a project plan. More importantly, with very little time at their disposal, they were able to obtain access to some of the largest organisations and setup meetings with key decision makers.”

– Ashish Kapur, Head of European Institutional Solutions, SEI

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