Due Diligence

“The information the BCCK delivered to us was very valuable in assisting us with our decision-making in the Korean market.”


Many Korean companies lack informative English language websites and data such as revenue figures can be difficult to trace through English-only sources. The BCCK offers due diligence reports that can confirm the status or capabilities of new and existing Korean partners. Each report is conducted by a dedicated Project Manager through desk research, including phones, and in-person meetings with industry stakeholders where required.



The BCCK first holds a ‘kick-off call’ with your company to understand your relationship with the target company or companies of the due diligence initiative. This call allows us to fully understand the who, what and why of the initiative and agree on the scope of the work. The BCCK team will enquire, for example, whether you have had any prior contact between the company or companies and any other information that is pertinent to executing the initiative effectively.


The BCCK team then collects information about the target company through publicly available resources and, if required, through interactions with industry stakeholders. The BCCK can conduct phone interviews and face-to-face meetings if needed to ensure the accuracy of the information that it uncovers through these sources. During this process, the BCCK can keep your company’s name confidential if the circumstances require it.


The findings from the research process are then put into report form. Each due diligence report includes a section focused on conclusions and recommendations. The team then holds a call with you to go over the entirety of the report and answer any questions. You are then sent a finalised report.


 “The BCCK team have gone above what our expectations were and were eager to ensure the research was exactly what we required. The information they have delivered to us is very valuable in assisting us with our decision making in the Korean market.”

– Tim Attard, Vice President, Business Development Asia, Altro APAC Pty Ltd.

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Find out more about our Due Diligence initiatives by contacting us at trade@bcck.or.kr.

Download the one-page flyer for our Due Diligence service here.

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